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Marking A-B Points

To establish your perimeter points mark the points approximately 2' apart along the coping. The distance between points can vary. If you are marking points around a sharp radius you want to mark the points closer. If you are marking points along a straight section you can mark them further apart.

It is important that you mark transition points where a radius starts or ends and also where two straight sections come together at an angle. If your pool has a step or a step cut you need to mark where the step starts and ends.

To help establish the bottom dimensions you need to extend a line across the shallow end break and also across the hopper break line. Mark these points where they meet with the perimeter. One of the shallow end points should be used as point number 1. The other 3 points should be labeled X, Y, and Z. The remainder of your points should be numbered sequentially starting at point number 1.

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